American Songwriter Magazine : Boston Singer Songwriter Grand Prize Winner at New York Songwriters Circle (November 2009)

Mountain Stage New Song Contest Winners (October 2009)

Charleston Daily Mail: New Song Festival Finalist Broadening His Horizons

Reviews and Interviews:

Review: Caught in the Carousel
There’s so much that’s so good about this album, with its smooth, down-home feel and straightforward grooves. Inevitably comparable to John Mayer and Dave Matthews, Piece by Piece nevertheless stands squarely on its own as a collection of radio-friendly tracks. Whether it’s the laid-back titular track, the funky “My Honeycomb,” or the reggae-drenched “Natural Elevation,” Piece by Piece showcases an emotional range and depth that is clearly ready to break out into a wider audience.” Lyn Dunegan; September 2008

Review: babysue, LMNOP
“Waddle isn’t playing the game like the average up and coming musician… he opted instead to charge out of the gates writing and recording music that could be appreciated by millions. After spinning this disc a few times…we can’t help but think that, with the right backing, this guy could become hugely famous in no time. He has an incredibly smooth voice…and his songs are bound to strike a chord with people.” August 1, 2008 “PIECE BY PIECE reminds me of some of Boz Scaggs’ better work; it’s not that they sound alike (they don’t) but they have a similar relaxed soulfulness that at the end of the day, any day, sounds great. Waddle has flirted with commercial success several times in the past; PIECE BY PIECE may be the collection that seals the deal.” Joe Hartlaub; August 2008

NeuFutr Magazine“More poetic and more emotional than practically any other act playing right now. In a period of pop stars devoid of any emotion, the soulful lyrics of Waddle shine through as a bright spot on a barren plain. By all means, check out Reed Waddle as he and his band plays through the United States in support of the release of “Piece By Piece.” James McQuiston, June 17

Review: Scope Magazine
“If I were a program director I would have a field day with this album. First off, track 1, “The Beast Within” is a hit, no doubt about it. Also track 5, “Good Night Los Angeles” is a great track. Reed worked with John Oates on this one. Reed Waddle is the real deal. He understands how to create, write, and construct a hit tune. This CD is going from my office here in Boston to my car’s CD player. I think I have found my soundtrack to the summer of 2008. Mikey Frieds, June 24

Review: FAME
“This singular CD will work its way past your defenses no matter how hard you try to ward it off…a very pleasing blend of mellow rock styles with a big spoonful of blue eyed soul, clever in a way that never brags. If there’s one word that decribes this effort, its
refreshing.” Mark S. Tucker, July 8

Reed and John Oates in Aspen Times:
Singer-songwriter Reed Waddle, of Destin Fla, was part of Friday’s lineup of talent performing at Steve’s Guitar and broadcast live on KDNK. He and Oates have been collaborating recently, writing the song “Blue Eyed Soul”, which they recorded Thursday and performed live for the first time on the KDNKairwaves. Read the whole story by clicking the link above.

This Paperback Town – Reed Waddle
“This Paperback Town is Waddle’s 3rd full length album, but you’d never know it by listening to it… It sounds like the work of a life-long musician, writer & singer. It’s got depth, breadth & muscle. You can put money on Reed Waddle… because music like this won’t go unnoticed.”- Krissie Callahan,

Orange & Blue Magazine (University of Florida)
So, you liked John Mayer before everyone else. You saw his freeshow in Gainesville. You told your friends. They told their friends. Suddenly he’s a TRL superstar, a teenybopper poster and just a bit too mainstream for you to connect with anymore. The solution? Reed Waddle. Though this 21-year-old has all of Mayer’s guitar strumming charms and lyrical sensitivities–he was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition–he is still a virtually unknown UF student, who is ripe for your musical picking. Try his latest release, “Higher Ground,” for an MTV-less dose of some serious singer/songwriting.

Connect Recommends
Reed Waddle…by Jim Reed
With every A & R guy in the country looking for the next John Mayer or Dave Matthews, it’s no wonder this young Florida guitarist has been playing so many showcases over the past few years. The 2-time Intl. Songwriting Competition Finalist (out of over 10,000 entries) has been courted by everyone from Island to Atlantic – but still no takers. Regardless, he has the chops, the accessible voice (comparable to the young Van Morrison or Adam Duritz – whoops, same thing), the boyish good looks, and the killer band of classically-trained ringers. His DIY albums are selling well, and if he’s smart, he may just sign with AWARE and forget about this major label nonsense… Fri., JJ Cagney’s. Savannah Georgia 2006

‘This Paperback Town’ a must for the ears
By Brandi Ball

Releasing three albums in three years is not an easy feat … just ask any mainstream artist flooding today’s airwaves. But Reed Waddle, a 22 year old singer-songwriter from the channels of the Southeast, has managed to write and record a trifecta that would make some of the most seasoned music veterans salivate.
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Interview with Reed in Coastal Homes and Lifestyle:
Type this url into your computer’s browser window: Then hit enter. After a fleeting pause, Reed’s voice will engulf you. … “From across the crowded room.” He could be standing beside you. His voice is rich, but not pure. There’s a little hitch in there, something catching his throat. … An acoustic guitar, precedes a piano by half a beat, “Your lips, they smoothly move through conversation.” It’s hypnotic and haunting and next to impossible to hit the stop button.
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